Get answers to common questions.

  • Do you help to install?

    YES! Our friendly team would be more than happy to help you install your rental accessories, and to show you how to use them safely. Just be sure to call ahead so we can be ready to help you- (208)947-6350

  • I don't have a Subaru. Can I still rent accessories?

    YES! While we cannot guarantee the performance of our accessories on a non-Subaru the same way that we could on a Subaru, most of our cargo boxes, cargo baskets, bike carriers, and paddleboard/kayak carriers will fit on any vehicle with crossbars already installed. Please call us for more information - (208) 947-6350

  • I loved my accessory rental. Can I purchase it?

    YES! We offer our fleet of rental accessories at a discount from MSRP, AND we can usually apply what you paid for the rental toward your cost for the item! If you loved your rental and don't want to bring it back, just call us at (208) 947-6350 for a quote on the low price you could pay to make it your own! It is a great way to test out your accessory for a weekend before deciding to buy it - and save some money in the process!